The top ecommerce platforms in 2013 show some interesting trends both current and past. Before we get to the store rankings, trend and predictions we’d like to remind you that business isn’t a popularity contest. You should always pick the best fit for your business model. Sometimes the top ecommerce platforms don’t have features of other niche competitors. With the disclaimer out of the way, lets get on to the leaders of the leaders of the pack.

#1. Shopify

Holding onto a sizable lead Shopify is number one in the hosted ecommerce solutions field. With just over 100k US searches per month combined with almost a quarter million internationally Shopify is far and away one of the top ecommerce platforms in 2013. There nearest competitor is searched 50k times less each month.

#2. Volusion

The Cart Professor has seen clients have great success using Volusion. Their customer service is always fast and great to work with. Their platform is a bit dated but seems like it has plans to improve soon.

Volusion is actually an older company than Shopify and was in the lead until around 2010. The two hosted ecommerce solutions battled for ranking until 2011 when Shopify pulled away and started to lap Volusion since 2011.

Hosted Ecommerce Trends

#3. Big Commerce

Big Commerce is one of the Cart Professors favorite platforms to build online stores with. Easy to set up, easy to load products and start running your business. Although Big Commerce started a few years after the #1 and #2 spots, its quickly gaining on Volusion and trends show it could pass them anytime this year.

[title size=”3″]Rounding Out the Field[/title]

Top Ecommerce PlatformsIn fourth place is 3dCart followed by the newest hosted ecommerce company CoreCommerce completing our rankings of the top ecommerce platforms thus far in 2013.

We came up with these ranking using Google’s keyword tool and Trends. This is in no way meant to be scientific or endorse one ecommerce platform over another.

The Cart Professor would like to stress again the only top ecommerce platform is the one that best fits your business. The good news for merchants is competition creates more features and options for everyone!